Vented or Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Cylinders store and supply heated water to domestic and commercial properties. They keep the water hot, as it is being stored, so it’s ready when you need it.

There are two main types of hot water cylinder: vented and unvented. Each type has its own characteristics and benefits.

  • Vented hot water cylinders are gravity fed, taking their water from a large cold water tank that is normally in the loft or roof of a building. This means a vented hot water system is not at mains water pressure – instead the water pressure is dictated by how high above the vented hot water cylinder the cold water tank is.
  • Unvented hot water cylinders take their water directly from the mains supply. This means they can deliver hot water at mains pressure, making unvented hot water cylinders the perfect choice for supercharging showers, baths and taps. As unvented hot water cylinders are part of a pressurised system, they can be installed anywhere and still deliver great hot water performance.

Vented hot water cylinder

Whichever system you decide on, make sure you bring in a reputable, experienced and fully-qualified engineer to install the cylinder for you. Corrections and repairs after a poor quality installation can be costly, and badly installed unvented cylinders can potentially prove more dangerous than a gas explosion, so leave the hard work to professionals.

If you need a vented or unvented hot water cylinder installed in your home or workplace, or if you have any concerns about the performance of your existing cylinder, call Prestige Plumbing & Heating on 07984 091913 for service in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas. One of our experts will be only too happy to help. Our engineers will go through the pros and cons of each system, and you will receive the best hot water cylinder for your property and budget.