Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating with a wooden floor

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating installation across Aberdeen and the Shire

If you’re considering underfloor heating, our Gas Safe registered engineers can advise you on the different types of underfloor heating installations and what would be suitable for your property.

We have installed numerous underfloor heating systems over the years, and the experience we’ve gained through their successful design and installation, makes us the ideal choice to advise you on the best system to meet your needs.

If you want to put in a new underfloor heating system or repair your existing underfloor heating system, give us a call. We offer free quotations and all the advice you need.

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is ideal for modern living and comes with several huge benefits:

  • Clean interior design and maximum usable wall space (as radiators are not required)
  • Unlike radiators, heat is distributed evenly and gently – and also feels great on your feet. No more cold tiles!
  • Installing underfloor heating is safer and cleaner than radiator systems as there are no hot surfaces, also dust and air movement is minimised.
  • Underfloor heating is more cost effective than using radiators, with average savings of between 20-40% off your heating bills.
  • With underfloor heating, heat stays in the air for longer, which means you can turn your heating down a degree or two, without it feeling any different, providing further cost savings.
Wood floor underfloor heating

Wet v Electric underfloor heating

If you’re considering underfloor heating system, you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons of a hydronic system versus an electric one, as both offer value to different sorts of projects. With individual merit to both systems, it’s important you establish which format is right for you.

Water or Wet Underfloor Heating

Water or wet underfloor heating systems consist of a series of pipework that are connected underneath the floor that are linked to the heating system. This allows heated water to pass underneath the floor, and the space above is more evenly heated than with other traditional forms of heating.

Wet underfloor heating systems can be complicated to install, but typically uses less energy than a traditional heating system so can save money in the long term.

The case for going for wet underfloor heating lies its practicality, consistency and efficiency for larger-scale projects, as well as its cost effectiveness over time. That makes it the ideal system for new builds and full home refits.

Electric Underfloor Heating

If your project is a single room or a renovation job ahead of sale, the low cost and speedy installation process of electric base systems may be better suited. Underfloor heating mats are the simplest way to achieve heated floors. With an ultra-thin and incredibly tough design that’s maintenance free, they can be laid under most floor types and installed with ease.

Wet underfloor heating also takes up more room than slimline electric matting, thus if you’re working with underfloor space, electric could also make more sense.

If you need underfloor heating installed in your home or workplace, or if you have any concerns about the performance of your existing underfloor heating, call Prestige Plumbing & Heating on 07984 091913 for service in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas. One of our experts will be only too happy to help.